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there's no "i"

 it's about us.


 good vibes from your tribe


checklists, workbooks, ebooks & more


a helping hand from your grls



#BlackGrlBoss is more than a community; it's a movement.  A movement dedicated to providing education, resources, and support to black & brown female entrepreneurs around the world. 
In #BlackGrlBoss, we are solopreneurs and bloggers, beauticians & physicians. We are business coaches and consultants, creatives, lawyers, and more.
We are bosses at every age and stage of the game. SISTERS led by purpose and fueled by passion; learning and growing together to create successful, sustainable businesses. 
We're your "grls."
There's no "i." You're not in this by yourself. 
Because alone, we are #BlackGirlMagic. But together-- girrrrrrrl... Together, we are POWER.



"this group has empowered me in so many ways. i'm a better entrepreneur and woman because of #blackgrlboss"

--Ebony Green, PLHB Consulting

"i'm a member of a lot of other groups, but i have gained great results from yours in a very short period of time."


--Clarene Mitchell, TCM Communications


#BlackGrlBoss is a community that thrives on the notion that we ALL have something to teach, and we ALL have something to learn.
That's why we invite our members to share their entrepreneurial experiences with the group through weekly Facebook Live sessions that provide education on everything from funding & finances, to start-ups, self-care, and side hustles. We are here for all of it!


become one of the grls today!

Education, resources, and support for black and brown "grl" bosses around the globe. There's no "i". It's about us

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