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How long will it take for me to get an estimate?

After you've submit your request for an estimate, within 24-hours, an Empeiria representative will contact you by email to give you your estimate; along with options for your next steps.

Is Empeiria available outside of the United States?

While we do arrange Transportation and Travel accommodations that may take our clients out of the country, currently, Empeiria's concierge services are only available within the United States.

Am I able to request to work with the same representative/assistant, every time I use Empeiria?

Yes! .....

Are there options available for me to purchase service hours as a gift to a friend or family member?


How do I keep track of the time I have available in my membership plan?

To access your available hours, ....

What if a job takes less time to complete than what I paid for?

At Empeiria, the minimum ... is 1 hour; therefore, regardless of the actual time it takes to complete a service, you will always be charged the minimum amount. In the event that the service you requested is completed in over an hour, yet under the original estimated time, your account will be refunded...x amount of dollars.

What if a job takes more time to complete than what I paid for?

When working with Empeiria, we do our best to provide estimates that most accurately reflect the average amount of time it takes to complete any given task. In the event that a service you've requested takes longer to complete than originally estimated........

If I am satisfied with the work done by the hired service provider and would like to use their services again, am I required to go through Empeiria to book them?

With the exception of our ...., all service providers within the Empeiria network......

I would like to offer my company's services through Empeiria. How do I apply?

If you would like your company to be considered as a part of the Empeiria Concierge & Staffing network, simply fill out the required application, and a representative will be in touch once it has been received and reviewed. Due to the high volume of requests, understand that we are only able to reply to those companies who fit our standards, and you may not be notified if your application has been rejected. In general, it takes #-# business days to receive an approval.

Who do I contact if I'm unhappy with the job that was done by my Empeiria service provider?

At Empeiria, we strive to .... If there is ....

Am I able to tip my service provider?

At Empeiria....

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