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Hey, Grl. Hey!

Looking for a welcome place to meet like-minded black, female entrepreneurs who are on their GRIND?! Look no further!

Since 2018, #BlackGrlBoss has been that spot. THE place for you to get your daily fill of motivation, resources, and support from other sister-preneurs just like you, who are building more than just businesses, but legacies.

There's no "i"

It's about US.

In #BlackGrlBoss, we are bloggers and beauticians, accountants and physicians. We are business coaches and consultants, creatives, lawyers, and more.

We are bosses at every age and stage of the game.

We are sisters, led by purpose and fueled by passion.

Most importantly, we're your "grls."

There's no "i". You're not in this thing alone.  

Woman with Hipster Hairstyle

"This group has empowered me in so many ways. I'm a better entrepreneur and woman because of #BlackGrlBoss.

Ebony Green, PLHB Consulting


We All Have Something to Teach.

We All Have Something to Learn.

It's the notion on which our community thrives. 

That's why we invite our members to participate in regular Facebook Lives, to share their entrepreneurial experiences and provide the grls with education on everything from funding and finances, to start-ups, side hustles, and self care. We are here for all of it!

Apply for your speaking opportunity here.

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Let's Be Friends!

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